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Dean Martin’s Album ‘Welcome To My World’ Debuted In 1967


Dean Martin invited us all into his world this month in 1967, with the release of the album “Welcome To My World,” featuring the title track of the same name. It was the second album that Dean released that year, after “Happiness is Dean Martin.”

Do You Remember Dean Martin’s Song In This Nordstrom Commercial?

Today in 1951, on June 20, Dean Martin was in the recording studio in New York, New York doing vocals for the song “Go, Go, Go, Go.” The track was released as Capitol Records #1724. Many, many decades later, the song was energetically used in a fun Nordstrom commercial – watch it here and let us know if you think the song fits the mood!

On This Day In 1952, Dean Martin Recorded “You Belong To Me”

On this day (June 12) in 1952, Dean Martin was in the studio working hard on the track “You Belong To Me.” The recording session was held at Capitol Records’ Melrose Studios in Los Angeles from 8PM to 11:30PM. The single would be released as Capitol #2165. Listen to Dean singing “You Belong To Me” here!